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  • Ana Clara Barbosa

    Ana Clara Barbosa

    tell your stories, tell of your pain. that’s what I came here for

  • Amanda Legge

    Amanda Legge

    Designer at Nubank

  • Impérios Sagrados

    Impérios Sagrados

    A Impérios Sagrados é uma Startup Literária que adapta os romances desta marca para RPG, Card Game, Eventos, portanto, uma empresa de cultura e intermídias.

  • Jackie Wegwerth

    Jackie Wegwerth

    Global communications student in Paris.

  • tom o'connor

    tom o'connor

    Food/Travel Photographer. Camera in one hand, taco in the other. Sometimes I like to write about it. — tomoconnor.me — @tom.oconnor (instagram)

  • Estevan Gonçalves

    Estevan Gonçalves

    Jornalista e futuro RP

  • Olivia Cowden

    Olivia Cowden

    Ran away to Paris for a bit. Nashville is home. Aspiring to learn more about the world each day.

  • Leona Françoise

    Leona Françoise

    Professional traveller, writer, & 23 year-old digital nomad. Also a start-up’s communications & Media manager. Love connecting with new people!

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