Architectural photography that will take you all around the globe.

I discovered my passion for architectural photography when I realized that buildings allow photographers a different type of freedom. It’s art for everyday life. To be an architectural photographer you have to work with what’s there, no time for re-arranging…

Uma tragetória universatária um pouco inusitada entre Brasil, Estados Unidos e França.

SMC formatura 2017

Do sol da Califórnia às chuvas de Paris, o resumo perfeito da minha vida acadêmica. Como muitos jovens sempre tive o sonho de viajar pelo muito e principalmente morar e estudar fora. Em 2015, minha família e eu…

Ten days in Iceland

Last November five crazy friends rented a van to spend ten days driving and camping on Iceland. This was one of the craziest ideas I’ve ever had. I meet two of the five people at the van in Reykjavik itself. The day I arrived me and…

Incredible murals around the globe

Eduardo Kobra’s interpretatie van de foto met de Victory-over-Japan Day Kiss (Manhattan, 25th St op 10th Ave) © -Jérôme-

From being considered vandalism to fine art, street art has made it a long way in the public’s opinion. Still being true to their origins, street art continues to make social and political commentaries across the globe. …

A muslim ceremony in the eyes of a westerner.

Ali, Ayesha, me, and Felippo

The journey started with a flight on December 31 from Paris to Saudi Arabia. Only nine hours later I boarded in a flight to Mumbai. …

A month after the pedophilia scandal was exposed things haven’t changed much on YouTube.

In February, Mark Watson from the YouTube channel MattsWhatItIs exposed the YouTube wormhole that hosts and recommends soft-core pedophilia (see below). YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is facilitating predatory behavior towards children. At the time, YouTube was already…

This Danish architecture company has merged futurism to sustainability.

PHO, BIG PIN/Phonix Obeservation Tower by Bjarke Ingels Group

Architectural avant-garde has always been negatively received, especially when it involves sustainability. The belief that sustainability hurts and keeps us from the pleasures of life is still strong. Some architects are fighting to disprove that.

One of them is Bjarke Ingels…

Meet 4 of the most impressive contemporary queer artists in Brazil.

Gay Parade São Paulo

Queer music has emerged from the shadows and stepped into the spotlight in Brazil. Is it challenging the definition of normal and breaking the old molds and stigmas of masculine, feminine, gay, straight, monogamous, polygamous and replacing them with…

Clara Prado

A travel writer from the chaos of São Paulo that moved to the sun of Santa Monica, to the Paris luxury, and now to the Philippines beaches. @ClaraPrado29

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